Claim Statusing

With experienced A/R specialists, the ModuleMD Billing team works to resolve issues with insurance carriers so that providers get timely payments at the highest level of reimbursement. ModuleMD provides guidance in best practices to manage fee schedules, 835 claim acceptance and denials to billing clients.

Through ModuleMD Claims Statusing service, the ModuleMD Billing team identifies the reasons for claim denials and offer solutions, make adjustments and resubmit claims to ensure they are accepted, saving office labor-intensive time and resources.

ModuleMD provides routine fee schedule reviews so that claims are processed accurately leading to increased cash collections, fewer denials, and increased revenues. Many times, fee schedules are overlooked by the practice. Incorrect fees affect many areas of a practice including claim processing and A/R follow up. The wrong fee causes delays in payment and/or underpayments on claims.

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