Seamless Communication

Who says EHR’s can’t "talk" to each other? With ModuleMD solutions, they can. Dissimilar healthcare systems can "talk" to each other in a seamless manner and sharing information is simplified. Information is seamlessly transferred and data is displayed appropriately.

Information and data exchange — interoperability of health IT systems — is critical to the delivery of quality patient care services and effectiveness of healthcare organizations. All stakeholders stand to realize significant benefits when health information is appropriately shared among all authorized participants in the healthcare delivery chain.

As the future of healthcare delivery, native interoperability will pivot off of ModuleMD's communication capabilities to share information. ModuleMD's native interoperability facilitates interoperability between dissimilar systems. ModuleMD offers seamless connectivity and communication with national labs, hospitals, and medical devices. Private practice physicians can securely send and receive patient medical records between participating hospitals, physician groups, and their own medical practice utilizing ModuleMD's interoperability solutions.

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