Hospital Community

Manage Community Goals

Achieve community quality outcomes faster and more efficiently with ModuleMD’s interoperability solutions. Easily prioritize efforts and improve the health of the community with a native interoperability system that will allow seamless communication between hospitals and supporting private medical practices in a community. Targeting areas such as cost containment through reduced redundant tests and labs, process and outcome quality metrics and patients' use of community healthcare resources can aide hospitals in enhancing core strategies of managing population health.

Physician Satisfaction

As more healthcare systems form partnerships with physicians for better coordinated care, physician satisfaction is critical in creating a robust team of providers to deliver care to a hospital’s total community of patients.

As hospitals move from volume-based to value-based models, strong relationships are vital between hospitals and physicians. Stronger physician satisfaction can be obtained by improving care coordination and communication with the physicians in the total hospital community. The ability to easily share patient clinical records seamlessly between hospitals and associated community private medical practices is a good way to improve physician alignment. Physicians want to work with the EHR they know best. Visiting physicians waste time learning how to use an EHR that a community supported hospital has adopted. Those that are not familiar with the hospital’s EHR system find it difficult to work. They need to have clinical data input synchronized into their private practice system to ensure critical medical documentation is not lost. ModuleMD solutions can aid in demystifying interoperability and removing barriers of technology differences, giving attention to what physicians really want and what they need to provide the best, most efficient care possible.

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