Flexibility and Customization

Every minute counts and individual style and workflow is imperative. Don’t be pinned down by a “one size fits all” Practice Management system. ModuleMD’s flexible process modeling is based on preference, practice patterns and document types catering to provider, staff and specialty. With ModuleMD WISE customizable features, individualize the software to match workflows and data entry needs rather than changing processes and procedures to match the software’s structure, maximizing performance without disturbing swift daily workflows that enhance patient care and satisfaction.

Customizable Workflows

ModuleMD WISE offers customizable workflow modeling for personalized clinical and operational needs. Intuitive paths, Using workflow distribution methods, ModuleMD’s intuitive paths enhance encounter documentation. ModuleMD will train and help identify workflows that suit individual needs.

Custom Scheduling

ModuleMD WISE scheduling can be customized utilizing user-created templates for each healthcare community, location and provider. Create appointment types and time intervals that meet the current workflow of the staff and providers.

User Interface

With ModuleMD WISE, user access controls manage customized views, workflows and user permissions that enhance and limit user specific functionality.

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