Patient Scheduling

Scheduling has a greater impact on resource utilization, profitability and the overall satisfaction of patients, staff and providers than most other daily activities. ModuleMD WISE empowers better health systems by presenting a user-friendly scheduler that assists in preventing gaps in the schedule while minimizing the number of patients in the waiting room. When scheduling an appointment ModuleMD WISE provides access to crucial patient information including demographics, referral information, insurance coverage and account balances in a single screen.


Some appointment types and some providers have different time demands requiring a flexible schedule. ModuleMD WISE scheduler matches operational workflows with customizable event types, blocks, multiple facilities and provider’s views. ModuleMD WISE scheduling can be customized utilizing user-created templates for each healthcare community and provider. Create appointment types and time intervals that meet the current workflow of the staff and providers. Create color coding for each appointment type to quickly identify appointment types when setting appointments.

Creating Appointment

ModuleMD WISE provides access to all patient information when creating an appointment, including demographics, insurance eligibility and account balances, enabling verification of patient information in advance – quickly checking patients in and out.

Earliest Appointment

While creating an appointment, ModuleMD WISE provides an option to quickly and conveniently search for the first available appointment by provider and site.

Facility Visit Appointments

For providers who visit and treat at hospitals or other facilities, ModuleMD WISE supports management of appointment times, patient information, room numbers and visit reason.

Multiplee Providers/Locations

Front-desk staff are empowered with comprehensive patient scheduling. Managing multiple provider schedules is simplified through ModuleMD WISE with a multi-view calendar – giving the flexibility to customize schedules. Book and confirm appointments across locations or for multiple providers with ease.

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