Secure Messages

Patient to Provider

Streamlining communications throughout the practice and with patients increases efficiency. ModuleMD WISE messaging system helps make the most of daily operations with intra-office and patient communication via a patient portal. Messages sent are addressed to the appropriate personnel by attaching message type and priority. In addition to being a great way to engage patients, capture a more comprehensive account of clinical care and health changes with secure messaging history attached to the patient’s chart.

Appointment Request

ModuleMD WISE is a great way to cut down on phone call volume and no-shows. The office still maintains the ability to deny or approve the request based on availability and priority.

Billing Questions

Questions regarding billing can be easily and conveniently managed through ModuleMD WISE secure messaging. Patients can request information or inquire about billing in accordance to priority and minimize long telephone conversations.

Refill Requests

Allowing patients to request refills through ModuleMD WISE secure messaging can help healthcare professionals stay on top of the process by directing the request to the correct individual.

Clinical Questions

Patients feel more empowered and connected to healthcare plans when they feel like they can contact appropriate personnel for health related questions. ModuleMD WISE secure messaging enhances patient satisfaction and can prompt staff to get in touch with high priority individuals to schedule appointments and more effectively track health changes.

Provider to Provider

Sticky notes around the office and standard fax communications are ineffective and invite unnecessary error, security mishaps and supply costs. For communication between providers use electronic communications that enhance efficiency and security which is imperative to providing coordinated community care.

Internal Communication

Internal communications are facilitated between providers and staff through an intra-office dashboard within ModuleMD WISE. Similar to patient provider communications, messages sent are addressed to the appropriate personnel by attaching message type and priority allowing all providers and staff to communicate effectively and coordinate patient care efforts.

External Communication

In today’s healthcare world, the communication between physicians, referring providers and hospitals are vital in providing patient-centric care and improving patient outcomes. ModuleMD’s technology facilitates interoperability within rapidly changing healthcare environments, providing seamless information exchanges between providers and healthcare partners. With one click, leverage increased communications with practices and/or healthcare partners by sending patient updates and summaries through internet fax communication.

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