Financial Control and Transparency

financial control

Does in-house billing really ensure better financial control and transparency? Unless providers are fully involved in the analytics of all financial accounts, with in-house billing it’s difficult to obtain a complete understanding of revenue cycle management details—especially at a glance. Due to limited or restricted resources, lack of skill or capability or virtue of intent, an in-house billing staff may not be providing all pertinent financial information as needed for detailed analysis.

With this model, an impending unknown is likely and is a dangerous position to be in.

ModuleMD’s billing service offers over 20 real time revenue cycle management reports and instant patient status updates. With ModuleMD monitoring and managing billing operations, discrepancies are more easily identified in financial reports. Gain power in making wise, timely decisions based on the real facts at the right time, enabling increased profitability.

Through ModuleMD’s Revenue Management feature, access all work that is being done by ModuleMD’s expert billing staff just as it is viewed by them. ModuleMD’s business revenues are dependent on how well providers perform financially, increasing the level of accountability and encouraging support-driven client relationships.

In-house medical billing can result in increased costs. Maintaining an optimum cost structure is a major concern of smaller medical operations. Hiring additional resources to perform the billing operations and deploying additional technology in terms of both hardware and software becomes quite costly. Reduce costs of internal resources, unexpected costs, and hidden costs that add up or become liability issues.

Use ModuleMD Billing to exercise better control to increase net revenues and focus on patient care.

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