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World-class immunotherapy module that was created by allergists. We understand the workflow of real practices and that's why we deliver a software suite best fit for your practice. Our specialty-specific EHR takes care of your allergy workflow and makes sure that it runs smoothly and seamlessly.



Allows you to focus on your patient by leveraging the latest innovations in cloud computing to unify your medical data, streamline workflow, and maximize the physician-patient encounters through specialty workflows and integrated partner offerings such as Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM).



Is designed for your sleep medicine practice, with customized templates and content. Our integrated, cloud-based EHR is also designed to create an intuitive workflow, streamline communication, simplify administrative and financial tasks, and enhance physician and staff productivity.



Enhance your staff productivity and increase your return on investment. The front desk is the first impression and the lasting impression for your patient. ModuleMD software solution enhances your staff productivity and satisfaction contributing to a positive patient experience.

value Proposition

Value Proposition

Clients Benefit

from our research driven billing expertise that results in higher net medical revenues

We are experts in

Allergy/Immunology, Pulmonology, Sleep Medicine, and Internal Medicine care delivering ROI and efficiencies for practices

Unlimited White Glove Service

We prioritize our clients' needs and take feedback seriously. You can always count on our support team to assist you without worrying about extra fees. Our commitment to excellent service sets us apart from the competition.

Knowledge in Billing

Knowledge in Billing

ROI and Efficiency

ROI and Efficiency

Cloud Based

Cloud Based


Privacy & Security

All-in-One Software

All-in-One Software

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Customer Case Studies

East-coast based Allergy practice

Practice Manager commented on the ModuleMD team, “I have no complaints whatsoever. Anybody I’ve ever had to deal with has been extremely helpful.”



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This practice started in 1980. Practice Manager joined in 1992. They used HealthFusion prior to ModuleMD and had to build templates from the ground up, ultimately leading them to choose ModuleMD.

ModuleMD’s templates were pre-build, so the provider did not have to think about it. “It was there, and it was basically what all the allergists did”, quoting the doctor.

ModuleMD's Managed Billing Services

When ModuleMD took over billing in spring 2019, the practice was losing a lot of money due to their in-house biller not submitting timely claims or following up on rejections. Things are getting back on the right track for them now and the Practice Manager noted their list of billing follow-ups reduced significantly.


The transition from HealthFusion to ModuleMD has improved customer’s billing and operation significantly.


Read what our clients have to say. Thank you for your trust and support!

ModuleMD is a leader in EHR on G2 ModuleMD is a leader in EHR on G2 ModuleMD is a leader in EHR on G2

Programs for
all types of clinics!

A scalable cloud-based solution to streamline locations, staff, and workflow with the flexibility you need to remain competitive. Our highly capable team will help ease the process from transition to growth.

Easy to use and easy to implement. ModuleMD is a dedicated partner with an interest in your success. Our affordable small practice solutions enable efficient workflows and drive growth, helping you to remain independent.

With a powerful set of tools, ModuleMD has something for everyone. Whether you are looking for more control of your RCM business, specialty modules for better clinician documentation, or intuitive virtual clinic workflows, ModuleMD’s solutions are designed by first-hand users to enhance productivity and improve financial performance.

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ONC Certified

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