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Chronic Care Management

Enhancing your EHR software with Care Management Software

ModuleMD has partnered with Well Living Initiative

ModuleMD partnered with WLI

A service and software module that fills in gaps in care, improving the quality of care patients receive, and lowering healthcare costs, as well as the risk levels of both patients and providers without increasing staff workloads.

With ModuleMD and WLI's comprehensive solution, you can streamline engagement and enable patient-centered care planning to simplify care management reimbursement.

About Well Living Initiative(WLI)

The Well Living Initiative suite of services improves your patients' care coordination, supports better care plan compliance, and minimizes the stress and financial strain associated with socioeconomic determinants of health.

Your practice realizes:
Improved Revenue

1 provider can earn an additional $200,000 annually with 250 patients participating

Improved Revenue $200,000
  • Higher MIPS, MACRA, and value-based scores
  • Improve patient connectivity and outcomes
  • Reduce phone calls and no-show appointments
  • Increase patient satisfaction
  • Boost financial performance and clinic ROI
  • No additional staff required
  • Fully integrated with ModuleMD software

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    How will this partnership benefit you ?
    ModuleMD + Well Living Initiative (WLI)

    ModuleMD is fully integrated with the WLI platform for a full view of patient engagement and care performed by WLI including: Chronic Care Management, Annual Wellness Visits & Transitional Care.

    Filter for ideal patients for WLI programs, check eligibility, and monitor patients enrolled in WLI within the ModuleMD suite.

    Auto-charge entry for seamless billing and reimbursements for WLI programs.


    Who will benefit from WLI ?


    • Improve Care Coordination with other providers
    • Support patient compliance and help patients feel more connected
    • Sustain and improve profitability for your practice without adding additional staff or expenses. Offering WLI may provide you with increased profitability, improved patient care resulting in higher MIPS scores
    Revenue Management


    • You and your patients will gain a team of dedicated health care professionals who can help them plan for better health and stay on track. Services such as monthly check-ins and ready access to their care team improves their care coordination, including improved communication and management of care transitions and follow ups.
    • Patients will receive a comprehensive care plan.
    • The plan will help support their disease control and health management goals, including physical, mental, cognitive, psychosocial, functional, and environmental factors. Patients may also receive a list of suggested resources and, if available, community services and may be encouraged to keep track of referrals, community support, and educational information.
    • Encouraging patients to use WLI will give them the support they need between appointments. Having a regular touch point may help patients think more about their health and engage in their treatment plan, for example, by becoming more conscious of taking their medications and other self-management tasks. Getting this help may also help patients stay on track and improve adherence to their treatment plan.
    Revenue Management

    Chronic Care Management Pratnership

    Enabling Medical Providers to have an integrated Patient Care Management System within ModuleMD’s ONC-Certified EHR Software.

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