Cloud Connectivity

ModuleMD provides solutions that make updates and maintenance unobtrusive.

Maintenance Free

EHR maintenance and support headaches are often the norm with server-based EHR systems. Never worry about installing the latest software updates or contacting an IT guru to get ModuleMD’s system up and running. With ModuleMD’s cloud-based solutions, enjoy the security of knowing that the software is up to date with the latest, most secure solution available meeting all HIPAA mandates.

Minimal Capital Expense

Many medical provider operations already have tight budgets. ModuleMD runs on a Cloud platform that does not require large upfront fees, while a server-based system requires larger up-front costs in server and IT support. With a Cloud system, there are no required purchases of new hardware for deployment and ModuleMD’s implementation is significantly quicker.

EHR Mobility

Removing the barrier between physicians and patients, ModuleMD WISE-Touch offers a complete mobile alternative of utilizing tablets instead of desktop or laptop computers. Providers have complete system access using an iPad, making it an ideal solution for the exam room. ModuleMD offers the greatest level of access and productivity with our cloud-based solution. With the proper permission settings, you can perform day-to-day tasks and access important information from anywhere, even when away from the office.

Flexibility and Customizations

The "one size fits all" EHR is not conducive to efficient use of electronic health records and office management. ModuleMD provides the capability of greater flexibility and customizations with its cloud connectivity. The customizations can combine the right mix of functionality based on clinical workflows. The intuitive ease of use and affordability enables rapid and complete documentation with minimum cost or disruption. ModuleMD offers greater management capabilities improving revenue cycle management and operational transparency.