Financial Control

Gain power in making wise, timely decisions based on the real facts at the right time, enabling increased profitability.

Key Benefits

Financial Control and Transparency

Does a billing provider really ensure better financial control and transparency? How much are you spending to get paid? The expense of your billing team is so much more than the salary or the percentage of collections. You need to consider what added value your billing partner can provide above and beyond submitting claims. Do you even know what is happening day-to-day with your account?

Unless you have staff with extensive expertise and appropriate software access, it can be difficult to obtain a complete understanding of revenue cycle management details—especially at a glance. Due to limited or restricted resources, lack of skill, or virtue of intent, your billing staff may not be providing all pertinent financial information needed for detailed analysis.

With this model, an impending unknown is likely and is a dangerous position to be in.

ModuleMD offers 100% transparency to our clients, a 99% first-pass clean claims rate, 24/7 support, and a first-class software solution to our clients for increased efficiency, transparency, faster complete reimbursements, and peace of mind.

ModuleMD’s billing software and services offer a variety of real-time revenue cycle management reports. With ModuleMD monitoring and managing billing operations, discrepancies are more easily identified in financial reports. Gain power in making wise, timely decisions based on the real facts at the right time to ensure your medical practice remains healthy and profitable.

Through ModuleMD’s Revenue Management features, you can access all work that is being done by your own billers or ModuleMD’s expert billing staff - just as it is viewed by them.

When you elect ModuleMD's billing services, you get a partner dedicated to the success of your practice. Our revenue is dependent on how well providers perform financially, increasing the level of accountability and encouraging support-driven client relationships.

Due to the level of transparency that you have when using ModuleMD, our billing team can seamlessly take over all or just a piece of your billing in times of need due to a sudden loss of staff (i.e. vacation, maternity leave, etc.). We can help supplement your billing operations on a temporary or permanent basis.

Use ModuleMD to exercise better financial control, increase net revenues, and put your focus back on patient care.

Financial Control