Flex EHR - Do It Your Way

ModuleMD offers more than just an EHR, demonstrating the value in each graduated option.

Customizable Workflows

ModuleMD WISE™ offers customizable workflows that allow healthcare providers to model their EHR system, giving them the power to do it their way. Using workflow distribution methods, ModuleMD identifies and trains providers in utilizing workflows that best suit their individual needs.

Custom Scheduling

ModuleMD WISE™ scheduling can be customized utilizing user-created templates for each healthcare community and provider. Create appointment types and time intervals that meet the current workflow of the individual community and/or provider.

User Interface

ModuleMD WISE™ allows customization of views, workflows, and permissions for enhanced user-specific functionality. Providers can utilize any combination of custom templates, traditional point and click selections, free text, dictation for the most flexible documentation and user interface options available today.

Flex Notes

ModuleMD WISE offers the flexibility to document and view clinical notes specific to individual provider preference. The flexibility of ModuleMD documentation streamlines processes without sacrificing the unique facts that impact quality patient care or compromising the standards required for documentation. Providers have an intuitive system for encounter documentation. Choose from several customizable options including:
  • Templates
  • Dictation
  • Point and Click
  • Free Text Note
  • Transcription Services
  • Discrete Data Entry