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Revenue Cycle Management

Let's face it, providers want to get paid for the work they do to ensure financial success. ModuleMD’s advanced revenue cycle management (RCM) software helps medical offices reach their financial objectives by streamlining the collection, utilization, and delivery of critical patient and claims information.

By collecting and delivering quality information from the patient’s first encounter to their final payment, ModuleMD's RCM software provides revenue transparency, profitability, and productivity while significantly reducing administrative costs and overhead.

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Revenue Management
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  • Eligibility Checks
  • Prior Authorizations
  • Achieve 99% Clean Claims Rate
  • Shorten claims cycle time
  • Monitor real-time financial reports
  • Our Advanced RCM Software is available as a standalone module


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Customer Case Studies

East-coast based Allergy practice

Practice Manager commented on the ModuleMD team, “I have no complaints whatsoever. Anybody I’ve ever had to deal with has been extremely helpful”



case studies

This practice started in 1980. Practice Manager joined in 1992. They used HealthFusion prior to ModuleMD and had to build templates from the ground up something that ultimately lead them to choose ModuleMD.

ModuleMD’s templates were pre-build, so provider did not have to think about it. “It was there, and it was basically what all the allergists did”, quoting the doctor.

ModuleMD's Managed Billing Services

When ModuleMD took over billing in spring 2019, the practice was losing a lot of money due to their in-house biller not submitting timely claims or following up on rejections. Things are getting back on the right track for them now and the Practice Manager noted their list of billing follow-ups reduced significantly.


The transition from HealthFusion to ModuleMD has improved customer’s billing and operation significantly


Why do practices nationwide choose ModuleMD?

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