We’re here to put a dent in the universe. Otherwise why else even be here?

– Steve Jobs
Abhinay Rao Penugonda

CEO, Lead Investor

Abhinay and the leadership team are focused on developing ModuleMD as the leading tech product for providing Allergy and Pulmonology care. Prior to acquiring ModuleMD, he has spent 15 years executing growth plans for large and mid-sized businesses.

Abhinay earned a BS in operations management from Purdue University and holds masters degrees from USC and London Business School.


Dwayne Madry

Sales Director

Miranda Moore

Product Marketing Director

Cheryl Fernandes

Digital Marketing Lead

Stephanie Coleman

Medical Director

Ruchit Shah

Sr. Project Manager

Kaniho Burns

Enterprise Sales Manager

Nancy Kagey

Medical Billing Lead

Padma Tejwani

Finance Director

Tom Burton

Sales Executive

I love helping clients meet their revenue and workflow goals. I enjoy working with practices and organizations to help optimize their workflows, increase provider satisfaction and help practices increase patient engagement. I really enjoy checking back in with my clients after implementation to hear how much time and money our software and services have saved them. It’s very satisfying and inspiring to know that we are able to have such a large impact on an organization.

Client Services

Jessica Clark

Client Services Director

Vandhitha Sidharthan

Client Services Director

Andrea Smithling

Support Manager

Board Members

Abhinay Rao

Lead Investor

Jon Piurko

Co-founder, Sage Capital

Dr. Dandamudi

President Emeritus

Dr. Krajewski

Medical Oncologist / Hematologist at MidMichigan Health

Blake Macleod

Partner at Archipelago Capital Partners