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February 20, 2023

Advantages of Value-Based Cared with EHR

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More caregivers are focused on value-based care where the patient comes first. This model emphasizes the value of care provided as opposed to physicians getting paid for their services.

What Is Value-Based Care?

Value-based care is focused on delivering quality care to patients. Physicians and hospitals get rewarded for providing the best care that results in positive patient outcomes and therefore, patients living healthier lives. The goal of this type of care is to help the patient find ways to improve their health, without relying on expensive treatments that may or may not have positive outcomes. This model emphasizes patient care without relying on unnecessary, expensive testing.

What Are the Benefits of Value-Based Care?

Care that is focused on patient outcomes and not the volume of services provided is a new trend in U.S. healthcare. Patient participation is a vital part of quality care. This method emphasizes the following:

  • Access to patient information
  • Improved patient outcomes
  • Better preventative care
  • Communicate throughout the care team

Patients benefit from a cohesive approach to care that includes all providers and involves the patient in every step.

What Is the Role of EHR in Value-Based Care?

Electronic health records (EHR) let patients take control with a more active role in their healthcare decisions. Electronic records simplify record keeping and help eliminate mistakes. Patients are encouraged to become more involved in their care by reviewing records and staying current with the treatments and recommendations of their providers.

It's a proven fact that healthcare providers who emphasize patient involvement see more positive outcomes. Value-based care not only serves to deliver higher revenue to providers, but it also increases patient engagement and improves overall outcomes.

The emphasis of EHR is on the provider to deliver care that is patient-focused, as opposed to depending on the funds brought in by the services they provide. This payment model helps the provider to focus on delivering excellent care instead of being driven by high-paying services or just managing chronic conditions. They are more focused on the patient's needs and providing the best quality of care possible.

The advantages of value-based care with EHR are clear. This model of healthcare management isn't only of benefit to the patients. The focus on quality care also helps providers to cut down on unnecessary costs. Providers put their efforts into delivering the most beneficial treatments for the patients, instead of prescribing the ones that result in the highest fees.

The healthcare industry continues to grow and expand. EHR utilizes new payment models to help patients take control of their healthcare costs. Instead of focusing on a fee for service, the emphasis is placed on a fee for value. This gives the patient greater control over their healthcare and results in better outcomes. Value-based care is also a better option for healthcare providers. Better patient outcomes and an emphasis on their quality of care allow involved parties to focus on improving all aspects of healthcare.

Upgrade Your Practice's EHR for Better Patient Outcomes

ModuleMD has partnered with the Well Living Initiative to offer medical providers a comprehensive service and software module that combines care management software with EHR to better manage patient care. Providers use it to coordinate care, verify program eligibility, simplify billing, and much more. These services lead to reduced risk levels and improved quality of care for patients, all without increasing employee workloads. Contact ModuleMD today to find out more or schedule a demo!

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