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  • POS

    Professional Office Services (POS) provides solutions for statement printing and mailing, helping businesses streamline their billing processes.

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  • Ascension

    Ascension provides top-tier laboratory services, delivering accurate and timely diagnostic solutions to healthcare providers and patients.

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  • MSU Health Labs
    MSU Health Labs

    Empowering Patients, Providers, and Labs for a Healthier Tomorrow.

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  • Spock

    Spock is an intuitive HIPAA-compliant messaging tool that enhances communication between staff members and patients.

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  • JOSH

    Discover JOSH, the advanced AI-Powered dictation tool that accurately transcribes spoken words into text in real-time.

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  • Commonwell

    CommonWell Health Alliance is a nonprofit trade association focused on promoting health data interoperability and seamless information exchange

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  • Rosch Visionary Solutions
    Rosch Visionary Solutions

    Rosch Visionary Systems specializes in allergy software solutions designed for allergy and immunology practices.

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  • CapMedic

    CapMedic is a revolutionary medication management solution that focuses on optimizing inhaler usage for patients with respiratory conditions.

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  • IHP

    Integrated Health Partners (IHP) offers integrated solutions for population health management, care coordination, and value-based care initiatives

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  • Covermymeds

    CoverMyMeds offers electronic prior authorization solutions through the DrFirst platform, simplifying the prior authorization process

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  • Midmark

    Midmark Corporation manufactures medical equipment and workflow solutions for healthcare providers

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  • Change Healthcare
    Change Healthcare

    Change Healthcare provides a range of healthcare technology and services, including RCM, payment solutions, analytics, and healthcare imaging.

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  • DrFirst

    DrFirst provides e-prescribing and medication management solutions for healthcare providers, enabling electronic prescribing and medication history access

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  • Cognizant’s TriZetto
    Cognizant’s TriZetto

    TriZetto, a Cognizant company, offers healthcare IT solutions, including software for payer and provider organizations, RCM, and care management.

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  • MCIR

    The Michigan Care Improvement Registry (MCIR) is a statewide immunization registry that collects and consolidates immunization information

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  • ImmuNet

    ImmuNet is Maryland’s Immunization Information System (IIS) stores an individual’s vaccination records and is a web-based tool​

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  • Aledade

    Aledade partners with primary care practices to help them thrive in value-based care arrangements, providing technology and support services

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  • Greenway

    Greenway Health provides EHR, practice management, and revenue cycle management solutions for healthcare providers.

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  • Salesforce

    Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM platform that offers solutions for sales, marketing, customer service, and more

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  • Ellkay

    Ellkay provides healthcare connectivity solutions, including integration and interoperability services for EHR systems and healthcare applications.

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  • Dragon by Nuance
    Dragon by Nuance

    Dragon Dictation is a speech recognition software developed by Nuance Communications, allowing users to dictate text and control their computer by voice.

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  • BEKHealth

    BEKHealth leverages artificial intelligence (AI) technology to streamline and optimize clinical trial processes.

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  • BlueSecures

    BlueSecures messaging offers secure communication solutions for healthcare providers, ensuring HIPAA-compliant messaging and data sharing.

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  • Updox Patient Reminders
    Updox Patient Reminders

    Updox Patient Reminders enables healthcare providers to send automated appointment reminders and medication alerts to patients via text, email, or voice message.

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  • ZocDoc

    ZocDoc is an online platform that allows patients to find and schedule appointments with healthcare providers.

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  • MiHIN

    The Michigan Health Information Network (MiHIN) is a statewide HIE network, facilitating the secure exchange of health information among healthcare providers.

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  • Patient Gain
    Patient Gain

    Patient Gain provides digital marketing and patient engagement solutions for healthcare practices, including SEO, social media etc.

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  • Tebra

    Tebra offers a platform for healthcare providers to manage their online presence, including patient acquisition, appointment scheduling etc.

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  • Twilio

    Twilio is a cloud communications platform that provides APIs for developers to embed voice, SMS, and video capabilities into their applications.

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  • Aluna

    Aluna develops digital health solutions for respiratory care, including smart spirometers and asthma management tools.

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  • PulmOne

    PulmOne manufactures respiratory diagnostic equipment, including pulmonary function testing systems and metabolic carts.

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    The American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology (AAAAI) Quality Clinical Data Registry (QCDR) provides a platform for allergists and immunologists…

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  • Morgan Scientific
    Morgan Scientific

    Morgan Scientific manufactures spirometry equipment and software for pulmonary function testing.

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  • Vitalograph

    Vitalograph manufactures respiratory diagnostic devices, including spirometers and peak flow meters, used in lung function testing.

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  • Updox eFax
    Updox eFax

    Updox eFax offers a secure and efficient electronic faxing solution for healthcare practices, ensuring HIPAA-compliant transmission of sensitive patient information.

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  • NDD

    NDD Medical Technologies specializes in pulmonary function testing equipment, including spirometers for measuring lung function.

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  • Infintech division of i3 Merchant
    Infintech division of i3 Merchant

    Infintech provides payment processing solutions, including credit card processing, for businesses.

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  • TranSafe

    Welcome to Transafe® TranSafe offers secure payment processing solutions, specializing in electronic check acceptance and ACH payments.

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  • Quest Diagnostics
    Quest Diagnostics

    Quest Diagnostics is a leading provider of diagnostic testing, information, and services, offering a broad range of clinical laboratory tests.

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  • Labcorp

    Labcorp is a major player in the clinical laboratory testing industry, offering a wide array of medical testing services.

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  • Etactics

    Patient Statements

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